Low Carb Edible Cookie Dough

Hi friends! Today I’m bringing you one of my latest recipes from my gluten-free and low carb baking binge! I’ve recently taken gluten out of my diet as well as added sugar, but I decided that it wouldn’t stop me from enjoying dessert! My non-low carb friends loved them, too! Here’s my latest rendition of […]

Easy Gallery Wall

waluv print

We’re finally decorating our home! Josiah and I have been slowly making our house a home and are pretty particular about what we choose to invest in. Who wants to spend money on home decor that you won’t even like in a year or two? And honestly, the idea of putting up wall art and […]

Riverdale Style

HOW TO STYLE YOURSELF LIKE YOU’RE FROM RIVERDALE   After so many of my friends told me about the TV show, Riverdale, I finally checked it out! But my favorite part wasn’t the plot line, it was the styling! Each character has such a specific look and they left me wanting to try their styles […]