3 Ways to Wear Leopard Pants

wear and style leopard print pants

As you’ve probably already noticed, I’m a huge fan of animal print… and pants are no exception! But I do realize they’re a little bit of a statement, so I wanted to show 3 different ways to wear leopard print pants to give you some ideas. But honestly, confidence is what you really need when wearing them. They’re going to catch people’s eyes and that’s OK. Just rock it girl, because YOU are worth the second look 🙂

For each of these styles, I worked from the same base pants and shirt so you could see how easily it is to transition this look to totally different vibes. Layers and accessories can definitely make or break an outfit! Let me know which look is your favorite and if you’d step out of the box and wear them!

Booties & a Moto Jacket

This is my favorite style… You can put them with any moto jacket but I chose one with fringe for an extra little bit of sass (as if I didn’t already have enough with the pants!).

Leopard Pants and Fringe Moto Jacket

Sporty Leopard Print Pant Style

This outfit reminds me so much of a modern Scary Spice…am I right? I instantly feel ready to take on whatever I want with this outfit! Just pair them with some sneakers (I chose a monochrome pink pair but you could totally wear any nude or black pair), a black tank and scrunch the pants up on your leg for a little extra edge.

Winter Leopard Print Pants Style

It’s amazing how you can completely change an outfit by just adding a different jacket or coat! I love how this burgundy trench coat compliments the colors in the animal print. I just added a sparkly bag to complete the look (this would be perfect for the holidays!).

Shop Similar Styles

I selected a few similar styles you might like so you can rock your own leopard print pants!

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