Washington DC Travel Vlog

washington dc travel vlog

Washington DC Travel Vlog

I hope you enjoy this DC travel vlog! If you enjoyed this one, you might also like my Bermuda Cruise vlog!


Why We Went to Washington DC

Josiah and I were buying a car and found a great one right outside of Washington DC, so we decided to make trip out of it (and vlog of course) for the 4th of July! Here’s the crazy rundown…


Our DC Travel Plans

We used Expedia to grab cheap flights that took us to Newark, NJ, jumped on a train to Philly, got a rental care to Lancaster (to see his parents for the night) and then drove to DC the next day… OH and then we popped up to Oxford, MD to see my older brother who just happened to be in the area. All in the matter of 2 days. It was a whirlwind but I’m so glad we did it!


God Cares About the Little Things

Before this last minute trip, I had been talking about how much I wanted to travel and then… BAM! I truly feel like the Lord orchestrated this entire thing. Between finding our ideal car, seeing family unexpectedly and traveling to multiple states, I really felt like the Lord heard me inner thoughts It’s such a great reminder to talk to God about the big AND small things in your life. He cares.


Is there something that’s been on your mind lately? Don’t forget to talk to the Lord about it! And if you’d like to share, comment below and I’ll be praying WITH you about it!




Travel Outfit

4th of July Outfit


Exploring Outfit



I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you been to DC recently? What was your favorite place to visit? Let me know in the comments!

With love,

Lauren Toews
Washington DC Travel Vlog & Diary on the 4th of July!

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