Bonnaroo Vlog | Summer Highlights Pt 2

My Bonnaroo vlog is finally here and it’s LONG overdue! I meant to have all of these summer vlogs up by the end of summer and here we are at the end of October! Sorry about that, friends! Anyways, I hope you enjoy this little snippet of our very first Bonnaroo experience and if you’re interested in attending the festival make sure to take a look at my 5 tips to survive Bonnaroo below!




BRING WATER! And lots of it. You can definitely bring a re-fillable water bottle (and should) for when you’re actually in the festival but you’ll want to make sure you’re staying hydrated while you’re at the campsite, too! It’s brutally hot! Consider taking a few large jugs of water (super cheap at the grocery store) and freezing a few of them beforehand.


BRING A CANOPY TENT! I’m so glad we had one because a lot of the camping does not have shade. I’d also recommend bringing blankets or something you can put on the sides of the canopy for extra shade. We did not have that and at certain times it was very difficult to avoid the sun. (For more tips on camping gear, check out my camping essentials blog post).


BRING A PORTABLE GRILL & FOOD! Food is very expensive at Bonnaroo so make sure to bring a small grill, well insulated cooler and food for the weekend. It’s definitely worth it. You’ll need good fuel for your body for the long and taxing days. Don’t forget to pack it up with a ton of ice, too!

BRING ALL OF THE SUNSCREEN. I think this one is self explanatory.


MAP OUT WHO YOU WANT TO SEE BEFORE YOU GO. Planning your day out is crucial (especially if your campsite is further away). The heat is already tiring enough, you don’t want to be walking back and forth unnecessarily.


Have you been to Bonnaroo? Who is someone you would like to see play there? What are your Bonnaroo tips and tricks?

With love,

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