Standing Out From The Crowd




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I used to think that I did think “inside” of the box. That I wasn’t different enough to stand out in the crowd… and that kept me from pursuing my dreams. Do you ever feel that way?

I’m starting to realize that maybe being creative isn’t necessarily being the most “outside of the box” or finding what makes you “the most unique.” Maybe it’s really about pursuing what pulls at your heart strings the most. And maybe that even changes over time.

I think the key is listening to what the Lord placed deep in your heart. Your innermost desires. That will bring true contentment & fulfillment. When we are pursuing that authentically, the need to be “the most creative” is pretty much irrelevant.

Do you ever feel like you can’t pursue something because you won’t be “the best” at it? Or what you offer isn’t unique enough? Let me tell you right now that being the authentic YOU that God created is so more than enough.

With love,

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