Sangeo Wellness Review

Sangeo Wellness Review

Hey guys!

Last week, I got to check out Sangeo Wellness Center that is located in Brentwood, TN and opened just a few weeks ago! I was able to tour the place, try out the Biomat, and sit down with the owner, Sandy Sanderson to chat about holistic wellness and her passion behind the center. As many of you know, I have really bad migraines, so I was very excited to check it out and learn more about holistic health!


“I just want people to feel loved when they walk in the door.” – Sandy Sanderson


I did. It was so refreshing to talk with Sandy about her approach and reason for opening Sangeo. As a nurse for 23 years, her priority is to help people live healthier and fulfilling lives through physical and mental health. Not only is Sandy experienced in helping others through health issues, she also had to work through her own to achieve a healthy lifestyle. She is now gluten and dairy free, dropped 30 pounds, and runs marathons!


Here are the services that Sangeo currently offers:

Massage Therapy
Lymphedema Therapy
Biomat Therapy
IgG Food Sensitivity Testing
Health Coaching
Stress Management
Life Coaching
Herbal Teas, Essential Oils & Supplements


I was able to try the Biomat and it was really soothing and relaxing! If you’re wondering what that is (like I was), basically you lay on a mat that produces infrared heat & negative ions. It’s helpful in reducing stress, inflammation, and increasing circulation. They also have meditative music and aromatherapy to make it extra relaxing. I feel like this treatment would be perfect for the end of a stressful work day or a weekend treat for your favorite girl… and it’s really affordable. It’s $30 for a 30 minute session or $15 for a 15 minute session.. and if you use the coupon below, you can get $10 off!


Another service that peaked my interest (but I haven’t tried yet) was the IgG Food Sensitivity Testing. This test is supposed to be able to help in finding trigger foods for people with migraines, IBS, Chronic Weight problems, Psoriasis and more. It’s different from regular allergy testing because it tests Type III food allergies which can take days to show symptoms.


Overall, Sangeo Wellness Center was a beautiful, clean, and welcoming facility! I have not tried all of their services, but I definitely want to go back soon (especially for the IgG Food Sensitivity Testing!). If you would like to check them out, show them the image below for $10 off your first visit!


Sangeo Wellness Center Coupon


Have you tried any of these holistic types of treatments? I’d love to hear about your experience and what you would recommend. Comment below!

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