Riverdale Style



After so many of my friends told me about the TV show, Riverdale, I finally checked it out! But my favorite part wasn’t the plot line, it was the styling! Each character has such a specific look and they left me wanting to try their styles out IRL! I’ve pulled together some pieces below so that you can, too! Let me know which one is your favorite!



Veronica’s style is a mix of sophisticated and preppy with a little edge. She primarily sticks to darker colors but will add in red tones when she wants a pop of color (think burgundy and darker magenta). Her pale skin pops against these dark looks – especially since she typically wears a deep lip color. Her tops are always fitted and embellished, usually with some type of beading, jewels or preppy collars. Don’t be afraid to add lace, pearls and knee high socks!

¬†Betty’s style is preppy and cute! Like Veronica, Betty (& most Riverdale residents) seem to have a thing for wearing a collared shirts under their sweaters. But unlike Veronica, Betty sticks to neutral colors like pale pinks, creams and light blues. Denim is a safe bet as well as florals and corduroy skirts! Betty is a classic… well, Betty!

Cheryl’s style revolves completely around the color, red! Whether it’s bright, burgundy or a dark magenta, Cheryl is always bold. Her daring style is one that cannot be ignored. If you’re trying to emulate this with your own wardrobe grab your chic little black dress, bring on the black and red plaid, always add a red pop on your shoes and make sure all of your tops are fitted.

Who’s style is your favorite? Would you rock any of these looks?
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