I’m Not His Everything

I'm Not His Everything

At this moment, I’m sitting alone in my bedroom trying to write a blog post with the hum of the dryer going and my excited husband talking about fantasy football with his friends in the living room. I’m so thankful.

Most days there are games, I watch football with Josiah and I enjoy it… but I can’t say I’m on the same football-loving level as he is. I’ve certainly learned quite a bit about the sport, the teams and the players (Go Greenbay!) but I’m never going to be able to bond with him in quite the same way that his friends can.


That’s the interesting thing about marriage and relationships. Often times we try to be everything the other person needs or we try to make that person meet all of our own needs. The fact is, that isn’t healthy and will never be completely fulfilling. It sets your significant other up to fail. I believe that God always knew Josiah and I would be together. He created us with each other in mind… but He did not create us to be everything to one another.

So today I have quiet time to work on my blog, research my next adventure, and relax in my own way while he gets to bond over football with a few of his favorite friends.

By taking care of ourselves individually, we are also taking care of our marriage. I used to want Josiah to be my everything. Now I want him to be everything God has created him to be… and part of that is having is own time, building relationships, and following his passions. Letting your loved ones be their truest selves is the most beautiful and rewarding gift you will ever receive.

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