How to Get Out of a Funk

how to get out of a funk

When I get into a funk or a rut in life, I find it so hard to get out of it! To be honest… when I’m lost in negative thought patterns or battling feelings of sadness the very things I need are what I resist the most. But when I push through to action instead of sitting in it, these are the steps that always help me feel better when I’m feeling sad.


Physical activity of any kind helps me so much (even though it’s usually what I resist the most) in general, but especially when I’m feeling down. Hello, endorphins! My go-to is a walk around our local park but I also really love doing yoga. This is one of my favorite routines that I do at home.


Writing out all of my feelings helps me to be honest with myself and get to the root of what’s really bothering me. Sometimes I get lost in my own thoughts, but the act of physically writing things out helps me face what’s really going on. And once I’m honest with myself, I can take steps to get past it.

This is a key part of my mourning routine! For more info on that, check out this blog post!


Organizing my room, closet, or office always brings a sense of accomplishment, control and clarity to a chaotic life. If my place of rest is in order, it takes underlying stress off of my mind.


This one is tough because when I’m feeling sad or defeated, I often tend to blame God for my problems… which is ridiculous, I know. But the good news is, when I open up to Him instead of closing myself off I’m able to find rest and security in Him. Often times detaching myself from God is why I’m feeling lost in the first place.


Speaking with a safe friend or family member helps me get out of my own head and find support. When I isolate myself it only brings more shame to whatever I’m dealing with, but when I talk it out I find encouragement, inspiration, and clarity.

If you don’t have someone trusted to talk to or are battling depression, consider the Crisis Text Line. It’s free and confidential. Just text HOME to 741741.

If you’ve found yourself stuck in a funk or battling sadness, I hope that these tips can help you! They truly do help me when I let them, but everyone is different and has their own set of needs. I’d love to know what helps you!

With love,

Lauren Toews
how to get out of a funk

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