How to Do a Home Photo Shoot

How to do a self-timer photo shoot

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This is how I do my self-timer photo shoots during this time of quarantine madness! I’m no pro, but I thought I’d show you what my process of taking portraits of myself currently looks like… behind the lens. I think some people are intimidated by taking photos by themselves, but it’s totally possible for anyone to do. And you can really get great photos by only using your phone (so don’t be swayed by my camera in the video). Just grab a cheap tripod and you’re good to go (I use this one for my phone:!

Self-Timer Photo Shoot

There’s no better time than now to try out some creative ideas! Will you join me? And if you liked this video, you might want to check out THIS ONE on how to easily edit the background of your photos without photoshop.

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My Home-Studio Photography Equipment:

+My photo lights:
+My knock-off ring light:
+My backdrop holder:

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How to do a self-timer photo shoot at home

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