Honeymoon | Exuma, Bahamas

Honeymoon | Exuma, Bahamas

Our 1 Year anniversary is coming up and I’m feeling nostalgic! I cannot believe it’s almost been an entire year! Since I did not have this blog a year ago, I thought it would be fun to finally put together our honeymoon/travel guide for Exuma! Enjoy!



 After our wedding, we left immediately for the airport! When we got to our connection we were able to have our first married breakfast in an airport diner. So tired, but so happy!

IMG_20160515_140139        IMG_20160515_141747

 The Exuma airport is so tiny! We got in trouble for taking a picture at the baggage claim… but look how TINY it is!


Our little cottage! It was pretty magical to sleep along the ocean.

We had originally booked a two bedroom at the Sunrise at Three Sisters but somehow our booking got messed up. It was a little bit of a hassle when we arrived. We were EXHAUSTED, but it worked out in our favor in the end because we ended up with this private cottage instead! Our AirBnB host, Levi was super nice and apologetic about the situation (everyone who stayed with him LOVED him!).


 After arriving and taking a few minutes to get settled (and take a quick dip in the ocean) we decided to go out for dinner. It was a holiday in Exuma, so there were no grocery stores open that day or the next! We had to get Josiah some dinner before his blood sugar went low… which turned out to be a little difficult. Everyone there definitely runs on “Island Time.” We waited for our rental car for over 3 hours… but we took a few pictures while we waited! If you go during a holiday, make sure to pack extra snacks!!


We spent the first few days just enjoying the beach and relaxing. It was so incredible to have this crystal clear water right outside of our cottage. We literally had the beach to ourselves… besides a small family we saw TWICE the entire week.

We were also finally able to find an open convenience store. We lived off of grits, hot dogs, and mac ‘n cheese until we were able to go to their real grocery store!

IMG_20160518_163905        IMG_20160518_162918

IMG_20160518_164041        IMG_20160515_162336

 The one thing we wanted to do while we were in Exuma was see the SWIMMING PIGS! If you saw Ben’s season of the Bachelor, then you know exactly what I’m talking about… We couldn’t find a tour that only went to the swimming pig’s so we opted for a full day tour that our Airbnb host arranged! If you stay with Levi, definitely ask him about a tour because he will get you a cheaper deal!

_1370664        IMG_19691231_193122

First stop! Apparently, Nicholas Cage really likes iguanas. On our tour, we got to see the island he bought that is completely inhabited by giant iguanas… Josiah was brave enough to pet one! I ran away shortly after my picture with them. They’re crazy!

_1370679        _1370683

Next stop was the sandbar! It was pretty and nice to relax for a bit.

IMG_19691231_212534        IMG_19691231_212317

 We stopped at this little dock to have some Bahama Mama’s. While we were sitting on the boat, some sea turtles came by! We even got in the water to swim with them… they bit a few of the people on our tour!





 This was SO much fun… mainly because it was such a different type of experience. The pigs were not as aggressive as you saw on The Bachelor – probably because other tourists had already come several times that day so they were already fed.

 Snorkeling was Josiah’s favorite part! I wish we had a go-pro to take with us because it was an unreal experience. We went inside a cavern where there were thousands of fish! Josiah even decided to follow around one fish that we later found out was a barracuda… a little scary!

0519161406        0519161407

 We were so exhausted (and sunburned) by the time we stopped for lunch.

0519161533b        IMG_19700101_010232

 It was an exhausting, but fun, day!

IMG_20160520_113808 (1)        IMG_20160520_112703 (1)

The last couple of days we spent lounging by the beach and relaxing!

IMG_20160521_124338        IMG_20160521_124311

 We took a walk down the beach to see Three Sisters! (Check out those nice burn lanes!)


IMG_20160520_184351        IMG_20160520_191138

 For our “date night” we went to eat dinner as the sunset at Catch A Fire! This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!


 All of the heart eyes!

As we finished our dinner, sharks came right up to the shore. 

Leaving for the airport. Bittersweet leaving – so excited to start our life together but sad to leave this magical place. 

 We had to grab a picture with Mavis before we left. She was our neighbor and made sure that we had everything we needed during out stay. She even drove us to the airport!

We loved our time at Exuma – if I could plan our honeymoon over again, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Until next time,


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