Happy Healthy Life: Daily Decisions

Happy Healthy Life: Daily Decisions

It’s the New Year so it’s time to act on those resolutions to be healthier and happier! Here are a few of my tips & tricks to sticking to your workout in the new year!

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After college, my metabolism slowed down and before I knew it I was 50 pounds overweight! It took me a long time to change my relationship with food and fitness, so I wanted to share some of the things that helped me along the way… starting with FITNESS!


Most people think that you HAVE to do hardcore workouts, cleanses, and extreme diets to get the body you want. While these things may work for some people, I found that I could never stick to something so extreme.

Real change comes from small, every day decisions. 


And it’s easier to make these decisions if we are doing what works for our own bodies and our own lives… NOT what some intense workout tells us to do. When I tried to go from zero to working out at high intensity, it only lasted for a few weeks. But if I make small, healthy decisions daily, they build up and my body starts to crave the workout.

So no matter where you are at, just make one decision today that will help you to become healthier. Just wake up 15 minutes earlier to do a yoga video or go on a morning walk (those are my faves!).

Create a routine that you can stick to.

Choose the workouts that works for your body. If you are trying to lean out your muscles, try yoga or pilates! If you’re trying to gain more muscle, try some form of weight lifting!

But most of all, make it fun! If you’re not loving what you’re doing or how you feel after a work out, it’ll be ten times harder to keep it up past the craze of the New Year. I typically only do a 15-20 minute workout in the morning. That’s something I can stick to right now… it’s nothing crazy but I can feel the difference of that daily decision.

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