Girls’ Trip Getaway

girls trip getaway

Heaven Hill Hideaway Cabin

Heaven Hill Hideaway


We got to stay at the cutest cabin in Gatlinbug, TN! It was super secluded unlike a lot of other places I have stayed in the area. It gave us privacy that’s perfect for a relaxing getaway! If you’re looking for a place to stay, I’d definitely recommend this adorable cabin. Book it HERE!


Heaven Hill Hideaway Cabin


Lauren Toews in Bearpaw Ruana


When we arrived at the cabin we spent some time relaxing on the porch, drinking some wine (our AirBnB host left us a bottle!), and chatting!


Morning Coffee At The Cabin


Morning coffee on our porch was definitely a favorite moment. It was so restful and serene!


Gatlinburg Photo Shoot

Jordan & Claire Gatlinburg


On our first full day, we decided to check out downtown Gatlinburg… And when you go into town, you obviously have to have a photo shoot. We were so

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It was so fun to see how each girl styled herself… We all chose clothing from the exact same place and yet we all came out with something unique to each personality. I love seeing creativity expressed through clothing and all of the cabi picks were to die for! Which outfit do you like most? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Downtown Gatlinburg


It was fun to walk around downtown Gatlinburg. People watching down there is a must haha! If you go, make sure to take a walk around The Village Shops for ice cream and olive oil! For a moonshine tasting, you can do one for $5 at Sugarlands Distilling Co. They also have a lot of free wine tastings on the strip that you can check out!


Hiking By The River


On our second day we wanted to go on a hike but ended up at the Cove Hardwood Trail which was a little less than a mile long. We were attempting to go to Laurel Falls Trail but we had trouble finding it and happened to drive right by Cove Hardwood. It shared a parking lot with Chimney Tops Picnic Area which seemed like the perfect place to have a little picnic.  It backed right up to the Little Pigeon River which was gorgeous!


Gatlinburg Overlook


Gatlinburg Overlook


It was so beautiful to just drive through the park and enjoy the views. We took a quick stop at a beautiful overhang… it’s so pretty it almost looks like a green-screen!


cabi Photo Shoot


Wine Night Photo Shoot


After our little “hiking” adventure, we came back to our cabin and had a wine night photo shoot. It’s so fun to have a little shoot with the girls and goof around.

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cabi Relaxed Style


Casual Cabi & Bearpaw


Bearpaw Slippers


Then we relaxed for the rest of our night in our comfy clothing and put on our new Bearpaw Slippers for movie night to finish the weekend out.



It was so much fun to get away with my girlfriends for a relaxing weekend. Good friendships are so important and I am incredibly happy to have these women in my life. It takes time to create meaningful friendships and sometimes it’s difficult to find people who encourage you to by your best self. These lovely ladies truly do that and I hope they know how much I love and appreciate them!


How do you seek meaningful friendships in your life? What kind of characteristics do you look for in a good friend? I’d love to hear your thoughts on friendships in the comments below!

With love,

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