How I’m Getting Over Perfectionism & Starting My Blog

Just Start

How to start your blog and push past perfectionism…aka the things I’m telling myself to get this blog going!

I was worried that the branding wouldn’t be perfect, the blog layout wouldn’t be right or I wouldn’t have the right words. OR that I would change my mind, lose interest or just straight up fail!

But we all know that the problem is, perfection isn’t attainable.

And… we’ll never know until we try!

I relate to Donald Miller‘s quote…

“I don’t trust people to accept who I am in process. I’m the kind of person who wants to present my most honest, authentic self to the world — so I hide backstage and rehearse honest and authentic lines until the curtain opens.”

So I have a choice to make. I can stay still and safe, all the while wishing I had created this blog and pursued a dream…

Or I could JUST START. It’s as simple as that.

Fearful living is not living at all.

I believe that God puts dreams in our hearts for a reason. Sometimes they seem impossible, sometimes they’re seemingly small, sometimes they morph into a new dream and transform you in the process.

If perfectionism is holding you back, I challenge you to start anyway. The best way to move past perfectionism is to take action. Let’s do this together!

(Update! Ready to take action? Check out my post 5 Steps to Follow Your Dreams)

God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. – Rick Yancey

Stick around, I might even write another post 😉


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