How to Find Freelance Clients

how to find clients as a freelancer

As many of you know, I started my own social media marketing agency three years ago and today it is still my official “real job.” Though it has not been easy, I am so incredibly thankful for the freedom I’ve experienced through working for myself and I want this type of lifestyle to be accessible to all. Honestly, if I can do it… so can you! But since I know that getting clients can be a scary first step, I thought I’d share a few tips on how to find those freelance clients when you’re first starting out! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these strategies and what works for you in the comments!

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5 Ways to Get Clients as a Freelancer


Upwork is a fantastic place to get started when you’re trying to get your fit in the door with clients! I actually started Toews Digital by finding clients on this website. You’ll definitely have to sift through postings to find people who are willing to pay and make your profile shine in order to find high quality clients. This is also the perfect place to start if you’re just looking for a little extra cash as a side hustle.

Networking Events

As much as I dislike having to small talk at networking events, it’s crucial that you get yourself out there as a small business! The more people you meet, the more likely you’ll find potential clients… as simple as that. My number one tip for these events is to really invest into the PERSON you’re talking to… not their business. Focus on getting to know the real life details. Ask questions about them, not necessarily what they do.

Job Boards

Indeed, CareerBuilder, and ZipRecruiter are all websites that you could use. You know that these companies are looking for help so that’s a great start. Try to find their contact information and email them about outsourcing services rather than hiring a full time employee… the big advantages of this is that it will cost them LESS money in taxes, benefits, etc. Plus you’ll assert yourself as an expert in that specific field since that’s specific job is what your business is all about! Protip: if you went to college a lot of times there are alumni job boards that you could utilize. These leads will be much warmer!

Client Referrals

Once you start getting clients, ask them to refer you! You could even create an incentive program to encourage this behavior. Offer them 10% (or whatever amount you like) off their monthly package when someone they refer signs with you.

Social Media

Let people know what services you’re offering by posting about it on social media! Now is not the time to be shy… now is the time to figure out how to make some money. As you create content and share with your audience, they’ll start to see you as an expert in your field. This will make them more likely to refer you to someone or even hire you themselves! But don’t stop there… reach out to people through social media! Comment on their posts and engage with them to let them know you care! Check out my agency’s blog for help doing this through Instagram and Pinterest.

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Simple and easy ways to find freelance clients when you're first starting out

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