Favorite 2019 Fall Trends

Fall 2019 Fall Fashion Trends

The 2019 fall trends you’re definitely going to want in your wardrobe.

We all know the drill… trends come and go. We can’t add them all to our wardrobes (unless you’re making way more money than me haha!) so I thought I’d put together my favorites with some examples!

Statement Pieces: Animal Print

This isn’t new to 2019 but the good news is it’s STILL HERE. If you went all out and got that (highly popular) leopard print coat last year, you can totally rock it in this next season. But don’t let the statement stop at the coat try it out in a dress, pant, skirt or top! Oh, and in terms of styling… mixing prints is a major theme as well!

Dark Prints

Prints are big this season – particularly bold colors with high contrast. Since I’m not a huge fan of the brighter neon colors, I chose pieces with a darker theme to suit my vibe. However, if you’re into the bright colors I think you should go for it! Check out More Than Your Average for some major color inspiration!

Shoulder Statements

Statement sleeves have been huge but this year the focus is all on the shoulders! Padded, one-shoulder, lace, bold and subtle… I like it all! Channeling the 80s? Yes please.

Purple Haze

Purple is a popular color this… and I’m keen to choose the deeper tones. Metallic and sparkles are also a great way to change things up with this jewel-tone.


The masculine vibe has also been around for a while and it’s making its return this year. Try belting a boxy blazer or even a cinched dress this fall to put a feminine edge on this look.

What are your favorite trends this fall? Are there any that you’re digging that I’m missing in this recap?

I hope you have a wonderful & stylish season. See you soon.

With love,

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