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We’re finally decorating our home!

Josiah and I have been slowly making our house a home and are pretty particular about what we choose to invest in. Who wants to spend money on home decor that you won’t even like in a year or two? And honestly, the idea of putting up wall art and decor sounds like a huge project that I don’t have time for. So when we found out about the wall art company¬†waluv, it was really exciting because the process was fun, quick & easy from start to finish.


For our first set of images, we had to go with our wedding photos! Can you believe we’ve almost been married 3 years and never put any of our wedding photos up?? But I wanted to do more than just put some photos up on the wall, I wanted it to be an elegant & simple gallery-style wall. So we chose two portrait photos to be paired on either side of our favorite landscape photo of the wedding (see below).


About the prints...

The prints themselves are very thin and lay flat against the wall, which I LOVE because it gives it a modern-chic vibe. They also gave us two options for the prints: Acrylic or Metal. Acrylic prints are glossier and have a glass-like overlay and the metal prints have a little bit more of a matte feel with an industrial edge. We ultimately chose the metal prints because we liked the matte texture and I’m so glad that we did! It was also really easy to put the prints up on the wall because of their heavy-duty 3M backing. All you really have to do is measure off where you want to put them and you’re on your way – no drills needed!


Check out our before, during & after photos of these prints and let us know what you think!


Our empty space needed some (wall) love!


Look how thin & chic the prints are!


I love how the gallery turned out!



How do you like the look of these waluv prints? Should we do more? If so, what should we print?


With love,


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