3 Creative Christmas Gifts

creative christmas gift ideas

Christmas is coming SO SOON and I honestly can’t wait. It’s the absolute best time of year because of the family, the food, the fun… it has all of the things! And this year, I wanted to go ahead and put together some thoughtful and creative gift ideas to surprise your loved ones with… because giving great gifts really is one of the major perks of the season! So here are my top 3 Creative Christmas Gifts to bless people with this year!

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My Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

House Portrait from The Letter Boss

The Letter Boss house portrait Christmas gift | creative Christmas gift ideas

I absolutely LOVE this idea of preserving a memory in a gift and a house portrait is such a unique keepsake. Whether it’s your childhood home, grandparent’s cabin or the first home you lived in with your spouse, you cannot go wrong with these gorgeous illustrations from The Letter Boss.

Custom Family Portrait Ornament

Custom family wood ornament for a creative Christmas gift

I found these adorable ornaments on Etsy! They are hand-painted on a wood slide and I just think it’s so special to creatively capture your family. This would be fantastic for a grandparent, recently married couple or even yourself!

Abstract Art Commission by Local Taylor

Local Taylor Art Commission

I’ve been following Vicky (aka Local Taylor) on Instagram for forever because I randomly saw someone I follow post about an art piece they got from here! I love her elegant style and the way she blends her colors!

I hope you enjoyed this list of creative Christmas gift ideas! What are you getting your loved ones this year??

With love,

Lauren Toews
Creative Christmas Gift Ideas

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