7 Questions to Consider When Choosing Bridal Party Styles

how to choose bridal party styles

Josiah and I were both in a wedding recently and the bride and groom made fantastic choices for the wedding party! If Josiah and I hadn’t already tied the knot, I’d definitely be leaning towards these styles. I was very impressed (peek those styles below). But that got me thinking about the questions I believe every bride and groom should consider when choosing their bridal party styles! Take a look and let me know if there are any questions you think I should add to the list!

Choosing bridal party styles | Chicago Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Style

Bridesmaid Styles

The bridesmaids were given a choice of 5 different styles from David’s bridal but they all had to be the same color. I absolutely love it when brides let their wedding party choose what styles work best for them! It’s so important that your bridesmaids feel their best when they’re standing up next to you! I chose this criss cross off-the-shoulder and our fabulous bride chose the gorgeous Quartz color.

Choosing bridal party styles

Groomsmen Styles

The groom chose a sleek slim-fit suit from J Crew that fit my husband perfectly! There’s nothing more frustrating than having to buy a suit for a wedding that won’t even fit you right… but once again the incredible bride and groom picked out high quality items that Josiah will actually be able to wear again! I also loved the pink floral ties that coordinated with the Quartz bridesmaid dresses!

Chicago bridesmaid Hair and makeup Braid

Bridesmaid Hair

Since my hair is currently white blonde (and my dark eyebrows), I had to go all out Khaleesi when I had the chance! I’m not great at doing my own hair or makeup, so having a professional team do it for me was pretty much the best thing ever! I asked for a chunky braid and wow, did she deliver! I always prefer hair to be down at events. Curled locks are so romantic and timeless! Side note, if you need a stylist in the Chicago area, I’d definitely recommend Rebellious Beauty Salon because they absolutely killed it!

7 Questions to consider when choosing wedding party styles

  1. Are there any styles that your bridesmaids wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing?
  2. What are the body types of your bridal party? Choose styles that would work for them (suits included)!
  3. Will your wedding colors look good on your wedding party?
  4. What’s your wedding parties’ budget? Weddings aren’t just expensive for you… consider your friend’s finances (especially if you are asking them to travel)!
  5. Speaking of budget, will your wedding party rent or buy? (We did rentals and used Vow To Be Chic and The Black Tux)
  6. Do you want your bridesmaids to wear different styles or unified dresses?
  7. Long or short dresses? (I’m a fan of long ones!)

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you’d like to see what my wedding was like, you can check out my recap here!

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7 questions to ask when choosing bridal party styles

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