Cavalia Odysseo Comes To Nashville

cavalia odysseo nashville

Last week Josiah and I were invited to attend Cavalia Odysseo in Nashville and we had an incredible time! It was a show unlike any other – marrying equestrian arts, stage arts and high-tech theatrical effects for a one of a kind event. 

To get a better understanding of what it’s all about, check out this video:

The entire show was complimented by live music. I didn’t even realize it was live at first because the musicians were so good!

This was probably my favorite part of the show! It was a mix of aerial arts with horseback riding… so beautiful!

 Every rider was so talented!

We were treated to the VIP experience which was so much fun for a date night! If you followed along on my Instagram stories you probably saw that we had a blast! I’m a huge sucker for VIP treatment, give me free food and I’m sold! It included a buffet dinner, drinks, dessert, a stable tour and more!

 VIP Experience meeting the aerialist & one of the beautiful horses!

 Touring the stables after the show. The show features 65 horses of 12 different breeds including the Appaloosa, Arabian, Canadian Horse, Holsteiner, Lusitano, Paint Horse and more!

This is an experience like no other and I would highly recommend going! It is a little pricey but this is a Cirque du Soleil quality show, so it’s much more exciting than your average date night!

You can also use the code SOCIAL for 15% off until September 18th!

Grab your tickets here.

Have you seen the show? Is this something you would be interested in checking out? I would love to hear your thoughts!

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