Our Wedding

Our Wedding

Today is our ONE YEAR anniversary so I wanted to share our wedding day with all of you! It really was the best day of my life, I still can’t believe I am so lucky that I got to marry the man of my dreams!! Forgive me for my mushiness y’all… I’m still head over […]

Backyard BBQ!

Backyard BBQ

One of our favorite things to do is host… especially if grilling is involved! Here’s a snapshot of last weekend’s hang out!   Bravazzi (a brand new Hard Italian Soda company) sent us some refreshments for our BBQ! It was a really hot day, so it was nice to have a cold beverage on hand. They come […]

“Yes” Girl

Yes Girl

I was a “yes” girl. I worked through the night in hopes of rising to the top of my company. Answering emails before 5AM so my bosses would know how hard I was working. I was proud of my 60+ hour work week. I called it the American Dream. Somehow the term #GirlBoss became twisted. It translated into working yourself […]

Galentine’s Brunch

Galentine's Brunch

Here’s a look at the Galentine’s Brunch I hosted with a few of my favorite ladies featuring Five Daughter’s Bakery and Lauren Antoinette Designs!  Love these girls.           Five Daughters Bakery was so wonderful to contribute their INCREDIBLE 100 layer donuts AND paleo donuts! We could not get enough of them. The vanilla cream (top middle) was my […]

Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear

“What if it ends? How do I make that anxiety go away?” My friend’s words seemed to fall through the phone and I felt the silence pound as I tried to gather my thoughts. How do you take someone’s fear away? I remember that feeling. Feeling scared that a relationship would end, scared that I […]

It’s Time.

Just Start

 I’ve dreamed of having a blog for some time, but the same thing always got in my way. Perfectionism. The problem is, perfection isn’t attainable. I relate to Donald Miller‘s quote… “I don’t trust people to accept who I am in process. I’m the kind of person who wants to present my most honest, authentic self to the […]