“Yes” Girl

Yes Girl

I was a “yes” girl. I worked through the night in hopes of rising to the top of my company. Answering emails before 5AM so my bosses would know how hard I was working. I was proud of my 60+ hour work week. I called it the American Dream. Somehow the term #GirlBoss became twisted. It translated into working yourself […]

Freedom From Fear

Freedom From Fear

“What if it ends? How do I make that anxiety go away?” My friend’s words seemed to fall through the phone and I felt the silence pound as I tried to gather my thoughts. How do you take someone’s fear away? I remember that feeling. Feeling scared that a relationship would end, scared that I […]

It’s Time.

Just Start

 I’ve dreamed of having a blog for some time, but the same thing always got in my way. Perfectionism. The problem is, perfection isn’t attainable. I relate to Donald Miller‘s quote… “I don’t trust people to accept who I am in process. I’m the kind of person who wants to present my most honest, authentic self to the […]