Camping Essentials

Hi Friends!

I hope you are having a great day today. As you might have seen on Instagram, Josiah and I just went on a camping trip to Old Stone Fort Park and we absolutely LOVED it.


We went on Enclosure Trail (about a 1.4 miles) and opted to extend our hike onto Backbone trail which ended up being almost 4 miles.  There are markers along the way to direct you if you to the different extensions, If you stick to the shorter trail you’ll still get to see all of the gorgeous waterfalls!



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This was our second camping trip together and we are starting to refine our camping must-haves. I wouldn’t quite consider myself a SUPER girly girl but camping does push the limits a little bit for me and I’ve found that by bringing a few items from home, it’s much more enjoyable! So if you’re anything like me, here’s a list of must-haves for your camping adventures! I hope this list is helpful!



 Cheap Makeup Remover Wipes. This is the #1 thing I’m so glad I had on the trip. They were great for taking makeup off, of course, but they came in handy for freshening up throughout the day when I was feeling sweaty or just dirty. I was walking around the campsite in flip flops most of the time so it was perfect for wiping my feet off right before bed as well.


External Battery. This is crucial for me because of my work. I pretty much always need my phone to be on and have access to my email and social networks in case anything happens with a client’s account. I also LOVE taking photos (the camera on my Pixel is AMAZING) and that definitely drains the phone battery.



Percolator. Let’s be honest, coffee is a MUST no matter what and a percolator is the easiest way to make it over a fire! Not to be dramatic but I wouldn’t have survived the trip without it 🙂


Raised Air Mattress. I know, I know. This might make me look like a princess, but, good sleep is so important to me! It not only affects our moods but our physical bodies. A huge part of fighting my migraines is good sleep, so an air mattress (especially a raised one) is a must for any camping trip.



Screened-In Tent. This is our very first tent, so I’m not sure how to totally compare it to others but it has worked really well for us! The porch on this tent allows for a double barrier from bugs! Always keep at least one of the doors shut for that extra protection.



Fan Lantern. We do not have this, but when I was looking through camping must-haves this looked amazing! We will have to grab it before our next trip!



Dry Bug Spray. I think this one is self-explanatory haha. However, I would suggest the “dry” kind because it will keep you from feeling as greasy after you apply it!





I hope these ideas are helpful to you! Do you like camping What are some of your must-haves?


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