5 Steps To Follow Your Dreams

5 Steps To Follow Your Dreams

Beginnings. Often times, we wait to follow our dreams. Not because it’s not the right time, but because we are overwhelmed by beginning. Frozen by choices. So we simply keep moving and keep wishing. Never doing.

Starting my business (Toews Digital) and this blog was very much like that for me. I would dream of starting it, but never take any action.

So where do we start to follow our dreams, anyway?

As each dream is different there may be a different answer… but the beginning is the same. Just start.

So if you’re still feeling overwhelmed, here are 5 ways to make room for creativity and begin your dream.


What is truly important to you? Distinguish between your true dreams and fleeting ideas. Write everything down. What do you gravitate towards? Is there something that you continually come back to throughout your life? What is the root behind that? Sometimes you may just need to try a few things out before you know… and that’s OK. Do it.


Now that you’ve prioritized your dreams, it’s time to set some goals. If you never aim to achieve anything, it will be easier to get lazy or overwhelmed by your choices. Write them down and make a road map to achieving these dreams. If you want to be  a photographer, write down steps to get there like taking a class or studying great photography. It’s OK if you divert from the map later on, it’s just a tool to get you moving!

3. FAIL.

I have so much trouble with this. My perfectionist mind tells me it is not OK to be a beginner. A lot of times this is what keeps me from ever starting. But that is not a good enough reason to put your goals on hold. Start. Be a beginner. Fail. Get better.


This is another tough one for me… especially since my work is in social media! My phone is an endless distraction, whether it’s checking my Instagram, my clients’ Instagram, email, texts, Snapchat…. you get the point. Create a dedicated amount of time – maybe just 30 minutes a week – to focus on pursuing your dreams distraction free.


Along those lines of creating time… schedule it into your day. When I started my company, it seemed like I never had enough time. I had an endless to-do list that never seemed to get done. My husband suggested that I try scheduling out each day… I thought that sounded terrible! But once I finally did, it seemed like I just CREATED more time for myself. When you go into each day with a clear schedule of what to do and when, your work will be much more focused. So even if it’s just 15 minutes, schedule that time into your day to do ONE thing that will help you achieve your goals. Baby steps add up!

Hopefully these 5 steps are helpful! Let me know in the comments below if you have ways you set goals and follow your dreams!

If you’re ready to jump into following your dreams, you might find my post on the pros and cons of starting an LLC for your dream/business.

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5 ways to follow your dreams

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