Marriage Monday | One Year Anniversary

One Year Anniversary Trip

For our one year anniversary, we really wanted to stay in a cabin near the Smoky Mountains! We originally looked in Gatlinburg, but ended up going with the a gorgeous property in Wears Valley – about 30 minutes outside of Gatlinburg. It was a little more remote which was actually perfect for us!


OK, so we are all about some Benton’s Bacon! We were actually hoping we could find this little store (we couldn’t even remember the name) that we had stumbled upon a couple years ago that carried Benton’s Bacon. We had NO clue where it was or if we’d be able to find it… but on our drive in we ended up going right past it! We couldn’t believe it!

IMG_20170517_104148        IMG_20170516_093043_472

I was a TAD bit excited when we arrived at our cabin… It was so cute! If you’re interested in staying in the area I’d definitely recommend this cabin! It sleeps up to 14. Here’s the link to the VRBO listing!


In case y’all haven’t noticed… we like our food grilled! Our first night we went with salmon & asparagus!

IMG_20170514_192233        IMG_20170515_224345

 The first night also happened to be our actual anniversary date, so we busted into our wedding cake! It was just as good as the day it was made… I couldn’t believe it! My mom and our friend Velvet did such an incredible job making it!

IMG_20170515_111042-01        IMG_20170515_143844

 Our first day was a lazy day! It was so good to turn on my out of office and R-E-L-A-X!

PANO_20170516_133532-01        IMG_20170516_133929-01

Our cabin had so many things to do!


IMG_20170515_174150        IMG_20170515_174014-01

 The property where we stayed had a beautiful overlook, so we had to explore a little!

IMG_20170515_192103-01        IMG_20170515_191519_1-01

 Hot tub relaxing after dinner while the sun set. So magical!


Besides this amazing trip… We bought ourselves a Chemex for an anniversary present. Still so excited about it! It didn’t hurt that we had THIS view while we drank our morning coffee…

The second day we took a LOT of pictures and enjoyed the incredible scenery.

THIS GUY, y’all! He makes me swoon.

I can’t tell you all how incredible it is to be married to a man who supports your dreams. Sometimes I feel silly taking photos for the blog and don’t want to take up too much time doing it, but Josiah helps me in the process and even comes up with ideas to help. His support goes beyond words. Best teammate ever.

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My Shoes | J’s Shoe


IMG_20170517_062652        IMG_20170517_062812

On our last morning, we woke up in time to see the sunrise from our porch.


IMG_20170517_104315        IMG_20170517_104213

I had to grab a couple more photos before we left!

My Top | My Shorts | J’s Shoes

We had an incredible time but we were also just as happy to come home. Vacations are such a good time to relax and reflect. As we prayed each morning and had time to reflect on our first year of marriage we couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming amount of gratitude. As incredibly as the trip was, it was so clear to see how God has blessed us in the last year. From getting married, losing my job, starting a business, starting a blog, and more… God has been by our side every step of the way. The Lord is faithful, and there is so much to be thankful for. Our prayer is that we continue to bring this attitude into our daily lives and acknowledge His goodness in every moment.

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