My 30 Before 30 List

attainable 30 before 30 list

So… I’m a little late to the party in creating this but I decided that I still wanted to make a 30 before 30 list, despite the fact that I only have a few months left! It’s never too late to make goals or accomplish new dreams, so I am not going to let a short timeframe stop me. So in order to do this, I added a few fun & silly ideas that are attainable but things that I would probably never get around to if it wasn’t for this list!

If you’re thinking about making a 30 before 30 list, or are just in need of some inspiration, I hope you find this list helpful!

PS. I’m hoping to record some vlog footage of these and will hopefully drop that video here!

So here’s my attainable 30 Before 30 List…

  1. (Finally) eat Nashville Hot Chicken
  2. Work out at least 3 times/week consistently
  3. Try a daith piercing to see if it helps with migraines
  4. Give a sermon at Church ✅
  5. Get a milkshake from Gracie’s Milkshake Bar
  6. Plan a solo trip and/or day trip to a different town
  7. Spend a few hours at a coffee shop reading for fun/something other than work
  8. Have brunch at Liberty Common
  9. Sign up for a dance class (or any type of class) on Groupon
  10. Encourage at least one person a day (even if I’m having a bad day myself)
  11. Create a sugar-free Reese’s Cup recipe
  12. Go to Dicken’s of a Christmas
  13. Learn more about SEO & implement it on my site
  14. Finish rebranding + planning for my blog
  15. Update Toews Digital‘s business plan
  16. Say “no” more often
  17. Say “yes” more often
  18. Seek God in my decisions before jumping
  19. Have more one-on-one coffees with people
  20. Take the Sabbath seriously
  21. Vlog more often
  22. Create consistent content on the blog (at least one blog/week)
  23. Start building credit
  24. Start offering my photography for family photo shoots & lifestyle photo shoots
  25. Grow my blog readership
  26. Plan another girl’s trip
  27. Dye my hair pink/rose gold
  28. Learn how to keep a plant alive
  29. Start learning another language
  30. Celebrate turning 30!!

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So, what’s goals are on your list? I’d love to know what things you’re wanting to accomplish so I can pray & support YOU!

With love,

Lauren Toews
attainable 30 before 30 list

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