2016 NYC Trip!

2016 NYC Trip

I began writing this post as a recap of my NYC trip, but I’m realizing now that it’s almost entirely filled with pictures of things I ate! If you’re headed to NYC, here are some of my favorite spots to eat based on my quick trip. Even if you’re not headed there, there are a few places you can order from online! Enjoy!

One of my first sights arriving in the city! 

This adorable spot was right beside my AirBnB in SOHO!

I don’t usually indulge in any ice cream besides Halo Top… but I made an exception. When on work vacay! Morganstern’s was a D R E A M. Until this happened…


Based on the two bites I ate, I highly recommend getting chocolate & coffee together!

Our team spent almost all of our time at Gotham West Market having meetings with the tenants there and indulging in all of their incredible food. I made up for dropping my ice cream by inhaling everything that Ample Hills Creamery has to offer.

Pictured is their Ooey Gooey Buttercake. OHMYYUM.

 I’m actually a fairly new sushi lover, so I could not resist the sushi burrito from Uma Temakeria! If you’re in the Gotham West area, this is a MUST.

For all of the ramen fans out there, you will absolutely LOVE Ivan Ramen! They actually have two locations but the one in the market is called NYC Slurp Shop. 

Pictured is their Spicy Red Chili Ramen.

Here’s a wider view of the market. I didn’t actually get to taste test El Colmado, but I’ve been told that I missed out! 

This is a terrible picture, but a memorable evening. One night I decided to venture into Brooklyn to see a friend and explore the area. I wandered into a record store that had a show going on in the back of it. It was completely sold out, but as I walked away one of the roadies offered me a free ticket. I’d never heard of the band, but I figured “When in NYC…” It turns out the band is actually pretty well known and a lot of my friends were jealous I got to see them for free! You can check out Beach Slang Here!


A cab shot of the city as I rode back to SOHO from Brooklyn.

On my last night in NYC I realized that I had hardly checked out the area I was staying in! I walked around and found Little Cupcake Bakeshop, which is apparently super trendy on Instagram. 


I also found this ADORABLE little restaurant. I completely forgot the name and will update this if I can find it. The entire staff was so incredibly nice and funny. I ordered a glass of chardonnay and the server brought me champagne… I didn’t correct him. I think we were both amused.

I can’t wait until my next trip to NYC… until then, I’ll be dreaming of Morgansterns!

See ya next time,


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